July 18, 2024

Is that a technical question, or what? Some of you might not know what Provisionism is. Some of you might not know what Semi-Pelagianism is. And some of you might not know either! Fear not! My debate this evening will be looking at theological positions largely known for their position(s) on human free will and how divine grace interacts with human free will.

I will be arguing that Provisionism, a camp which believes the Fall of Adam did not destroy human free will, is not the same position as Semi-Pelagianism, a theological construct which allegedly holds that humans can take the first steps toward salvation apart from grace. My debate opponent, TurretinFan, is a Reformed Christian brother. This is an in-house Christian theology debate which I hope will be edifying and enlightening to Christians across the theological spectrum.

You can watch the debate at the embed video this evening, August 17th.

– Dr. J

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