September 28, 2023

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Join the local Veracity Hill Book Club

I’m starting a book club! I’m looking for friends local to the western suburbs of Chicago to join me at the Defenders Media Headquarters in West Chicago, IL twice a month. We’ll be meeting on Tuesday evenings at 7-8:30pm on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month. We can...

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The Growing Landscape of Christian Apologetics

Hi friends, I hope you’ve all had a great summer! I wanted to share with you an exciting opportunity over at non-Christian Bart Ehrman’s website. Dr. Ehrman invited me to write an article at his website, which is followed by many, many non-Christians. I used the opportunity to write...

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Misquoting Ehrman – Part 4: Ehrman’s Shift

In Part 4 of Misquoting Ehrman, Dr. J looks at the distinction between the “original” and the “earliest available form” of the text and whether Ehrman has shifted his view in such a significant way so as to cause strong skepticism. We need your support! To partner with Dr. Jaros, go to veracityhill...

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