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  • Episode 36: Digging for Truth
    FEH-Roman-Ruins-Italy-copy-1200x798In this episode Kurt talks with Ted Wright, founder of Epic Archaeology, about the importance of archaeology in making the case for Christianity. This episode was broadcast live at the RELIABLE seminar at Faith Covenant Church in Wheaton, IL on March 18, 2017. Listen to “Episode 36: Digging for Truth” on Spreaker. MORE
  • Episode 35: What is Lent?
    stephen-radford-121528.jpgIn this episode Kurt speaks with Fr. Aaron Damiani on the purpose of Lent in the Christian calendar. Listen to “Episode 35, What is Lent?” on Spreaker. You check check out Aaron’s book, The Good of Giving Up: Discovering the Freedom of Lent, on Amazon or learn more at his website, LentBook.com This week’s ‘What Do You Meme?’ ... MORE
  • Episode 34: Islam, Worldview Series
    Taj Mahal  Agra  IndiaIn this episode Kurt speaks with Nazam Guffoor about Islam. Nazam explains what Islam is, then he and Kurt discuss 4 points of differentiation between Islam and Christianity. New segment on the show: What Do you Meme? Listen to “Episode 34: Islam, Worldview Series” on Spreaker.   What Do You Meme? MORE
  • Episode 33: The Spiritual Condition of Infants
    amanda-jordan-134331.jpgIn this episode Kurt talks with Dr. Adam Harwood on the spiritual condition of infants. Do babies have sin in their lives and are they guilty of sin? Listen in as they explore some tricky topics. Listen to “Episode 33: The Spiritual Condition of Infants” on Spreaker. MORE
  • Episode 32: Mere Christianity Pt 2: The Power behind the Moral Law
    Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 2.13.30 PMIn this episode Chris Yiesla walks us through C. S. Lewis’s argument that there is something, or better yet, someone behind the natural moral law. Listen to “Episode 32: Mere Christianity pt 2: The Power behind the Moral Law” on Spreaker. MORE

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