June 18, 2024

The month of November I was fairly busy setting up Defenders Media. I was able to meet with some prospective donors and have received some great feedback for the show. Here is what I am seeking in my seed request:

Veracity Hill will begin production once Phase 1 is completed. Phases 2-4 each contain five cities we would like the Wilkins Radio Network to air our show in. The cities are ordered in such a way to designate priority; that is, as funds come in to air the show, we will begin to air the show accordingly (e.g., once $60/week comes in for Omaha we will begin airing the show in Omaha even though other cities from Phase 2 may not be funded).

Phase 1: Labor & Start-Up

Putting on a weekly radio show requires a lot of time and energy. From planning each show to approaching potential interviewees to rehearsing desired lines, preparation can take several to tens of hours just for one hour of production. The Jaros family is seeking $250 per show to honor Kurt’s commitment of putting on a well-produced show. This includes the time and effort in managing a website and social media platforms for Veracity Hill. Additionally, there are various start-up costs such as the internet radio broadcasting platform, a dedicated phone line, a mobile text engagement platform, equipment, etc. For these costs we are seeking an additional $50 per week.

Phase 1 goal: $300 per week ($1,300/month; $15,600/year)

Phase 2: Omaha, Huntsville, York, Kansas City, & Richmond

Phase 2 goal: $420 per week ($1,820/month; $21,840/year)

Phase 3: Greenville, Scranton, Pittsburgh, Tupelo, & Alexandria (LA)

Phase 3 goal: $470 per week ($2,036/month; $24,440/year)

Phase 4: Albuquerque, Indianapolis, Pensacola, Mobile, Chattanooga

Phase 4 goal: $520 per week ($2,253/month; $27,040/year)

Total goal: $66,920 per year.


The total goal may seem a bit lofty, but to put these costs in context, a weekly 1-hour radio show in Chicago (my home city) on a Christian station costs $550/week. We are hoping to cover a decent chunk of the cost for the show through advertising revenue, however, that typically comes after the show has a following. So getting Veracity Hill off the ground depends upon your initial support! If you would like to make a contribution to our ministry, please send me a message at my radio email address: kurt@veracityhill.com.

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